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Conservative Values

A Principled, Committed Conservative.

Elect Lee Finley

Lee Finley will serve on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals with honor and integrity. He will strictly interpret our constitution and honor the rule of law.



Lee Finley has practiced criminal law in multiple State and Federal jurisdictions for more than 20 years. Lee has handled thousands of cases, including representing indigent defendants as a Court appointed attorney. Lee has direct, hands on experience with magistration, indigent defense and mental health cases.


Lee has dedicated thousands of hours to representing indigent defendants in Texas Courts. Lee is a United States Marine Corps veteran with real world, hands on trial experience. Lee took an oath as a United States Marine to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. That oath never expires.



Lee will protect and defend the Constitution with transparency and full disclosure. Lee will make decisions based on a strict interpretation of the US and Texas Constitutions. Lee will act in the best interests of the citizens of Texas, not special interest groups. Lee will serve the Citizens of Texas with professionalism, a consistent dedication to the rule of law, and conservative values.

Conservative Judicial Values

For Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, PL. 8

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