Lee Finley

The Conservative Choice

Lee Finley will serve on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals with honor and integrity. He will strictly interpret our constitution and honor the rule of law.


Lee Finley is a licensed attorney who has practiced law in Collin County for 20 years. He has represented the citizens of Collin County in a broad range of legal matters and has direct hands-on experience with magistration, indigent defense and mental health cases.


Lee is a United States Marine Corps veteran who trained as an EMT and has real world experience with rescue and recovery in disaster and mass casualty situations. Lee led a team of more than 40 doctors, nurses and support personnel to evacuate 3 long term care facilities in Houston during Hurricane Rita.


Lee will serve with transparency and full disclosure. Lee will make court rulings based on what is in the best interests of the Citizens of Texas not special interest groups and not based on personal attitudes or bias.

Endorsed by Donald Trump

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